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SmartPart Component Libraries

Industry-standard component libraries for routed systems designers

Start designing straight away with industry-standard electrical component libraries for Creo® Schematics and Creo Cabling

Component Libraries

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Virtual Interconnect's SmartParts Component Libraries are industry-standard parts libraries specially designed to get you started on Creo Schematics and Creo Cabling straight away.  Libraries are available for designers of military and aerospace electronics, specialist vehicles and industrial equipment.  Simply choose the library that meets you needs, download and get started.


A library of 200 components can take an engineer 40 weeks to generate: 40 weeks ensuring design compliance, 40 weeks modelling parts and not harnesses, 40 weeks spent on non value-added repetitive tasks.  SmartParts will save you time and money, free up resources, ensure your implementation goes smoothly and guarantees your components will meet industry-approved standards.

What is a SmartPart?

Each SmartPart includes everything required to get started designing:

  • Schematic symbol
  • Wiring symbol
  • Data table
  • 3D model

SmartPart Features

  • Fully validated with RSD and Pro/CABLING™
  • Fully validated with Creo Schematics and Creo® Cabling
  • All circuit symbols are drawn to BS EN 60617 / IEEE 315:1975 / IEC 60617
  • Data tables with all mandatory properties
  • Global Parameters file
  • RSD global properties file
  • Physical geometry for Creo Parametric
  • Physical geometry for Wildfire® 4.0 and 5.0
  • Available in mm or inches

Libraries for your needs

SmartPart Libraries come in three market sector options: Industrial, Specialist Vehicles and Military and Aerospace.  As well as the SmartPart components, each library includes hundreds of suitable cables and wires and four drawing templates.  The table below gives more details:

Library Description Number of Components Number of Cables and Wires
Industrial Electrical components for complex industrial machinery 212 310
Specialist Vehicle Electrical components for designing trucks, tractors and other automobiles 216 302
Aerospace and Military Components approved for military and aerospace applications 137 3438
Electrical Cabinet 3D electrical components, wires & cables for industrial & domestic electrical cabinet design 410 136


Our maintenance contract ensures your library is kept up-to-date, includes free upgrades and offers the ability to request up to 10 free additional parts per year, whenever you need them.


If our standard libraries don't quite meet your needs, talk to us about customisation.

Legacy Libraries

If you already have 3D geometry or 2D symbol libraries, there is no need to start again.  Contact us; we can help you convert them into RSD, Pro/CABLING or Creo equivalents.

Find out more

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to talk about your specific needs or visit our webshop to download free samples.