RSDSimulate Lite on YouTube

JBS YouTube_Website_120111As part of PTC®'s launch of Routed Systems Designer™ (RSD) 9.0, Jim Barrett-Smith, PTC's Product Management Director for Electromechanical Applications, discussed and demonstrated the major functionality upgrades now available.  One of these major functionality upgrades is the electrical simulation capability now offered by Virtual Interconnect's RSDSimulateLite

RSDSimulateLite offers a range of excellent simulation capability including:

  • Voltage margin analysis
  • Automatic wire overload detection
  • Automatic validation of design prior to simulation
  • "What if" scenarios
  • Multi-environment analysis.

It offers an extremely flexible workflow interface and you can use your own component libraries and simulate existing designs as well.

You can hear Jim discuss RSD9.0 and the benefits of RSDSimulateLite on YouTube.