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"We are well and truly ahead of where we were a week ago, and are we self sufficient?...........we are certainly heading that way!"

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Implementation Strategy Workshops

Our routed systems specialists can help solve your wire harness design process                 problems.  Speak to us about benchmarking, pilots or implementation support.

It can be a risky and difficult process to identify and implement appropriate improvements to your Wire Harness Design Process (WHDP), even if you know it has a number of areas for improvement.  Virtual Interconnect's years of experience in this complex area can ease the difficulties and minimize the risks.

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Process Benchmarking

Having worked in this specialist field for many years and having been exposed to a wide variety of different approaches and methodologies, Virtual Interconnect is in a unique position to analyse and understand your process.  This interactive workshop compares and contrasts your current Wire Harness Design Process (WHDP) with industry best practice.  Using a combination of techniques, including Force Field, Stakeholder and SWOT analysis, Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors, a proposed best practice WHDP will be derived, analysed and presented for discussion.

Process Pilot

Upgrading your existing design software or moving to a completely new package can cause a number of issues, without any certainty that you will be able to carry on producing your key deliverables.  If you are considering changing your routed systems design software, why not manage the risk and try before you buy?  Using one of your own wire harness designs, Virtual Interconnect can use PTC®'s latest tool suite to ensure that it really can produce your deliverables.  We'll also identify any improvements required or issues that arise.  Process pilot benefits:

  • Minimise project risks
  • Confirm tool functionality matches requirements
  • Confirm productivity levels attainable post training
  • Mitigate start-up costs
  • Provisional process map and gap
  • Guarantee project deliverables

Why commit to the start-up cost of tool set acquisition, training and library generation before you are sure of the benefits?  Use Virtual Interconnect engineers to help you really understand the advantages of what you are purchasing.

Process Implementation

Once you are clear how your process compares with industry best practice and you understand the advantages of upgrading your software, it is important to carefully plan your implementation.  By identifying process gaps and practical solutions in terms of working procedures and/or software apps, this interactive Map and Gap workshop defines the detailed implementation plan and tailors it to your requirements. As well as building on the process analysis performed during the Process Benchmarking session and specifying the requirements for the first diet of Product Focused Training, this workshop will ensure you have a clear plan for your new process implementation and that you will soon be confidently using your new tools.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.now to discuss your wire harness design process and how we can help.