Legacy Design Conversion


When adopting a new software package, legacy design data handling can often be an unexpected overhead. Rather than accepting a partial migration model, where old and new systems run simultaneously and are updated when required, contact us and let us drive your integration.

Virtual Interconnect’s competitively priced design conversion services offer a range of solutions to handle all your legacy data migration issues.  

Design Conversion

We have the resource to convert all your data ‘off-line’ and the skills and experience to reintegrate back into your new system with minimal disruption. Not only will this free up your internal resource to concentrate on current development it will also remove the resource planning unknowns for any future projects.

Pro/Diagram to Creo Schematics™

If you have historically been driving harness designs logically from Pro/Diagram and have adopted Creo Schematics™, you may already be aware of the Diagram Export file (DGE) functionality. This ‘out of the box’ solution has limitations, the export/import process is time consuming, and the Creo Schematics™ files created require realignment to a central catalogue to ensure long-term maintainability. Contact us and we can optimise your migration by implement out ‘tried and tested’ Pro/Diagram to Creo Schematics™ process work flow.

Library Migration

Many new adopters of Creo Schematics want to export their existing symbol library from a legacy CAD system to maintain consistency for their deliverables.  Time scales for this manual export/import/rescale process can often be underestimated, generating unwanted roadblocks in the software implementation process. Let Virtual Interconnect convert your library and not only will we compress time scales, we will ensure your symbol libraries reflect international standards for documentation (IEC 60617, IEC 81364) and prevent the migration of legacy data with often incorrect or misleading symbology.

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