EPLAN-Creo Cabling Interface Bridge (ECIB)

Virtual Interconnect’s ECIB solution provides an effective link between 2D schematics generated using EPLAN Electric P8™ and 3D harnesses created using PTC Creo Parametric™ Cabling. This application has been specially developed to provide an efficient information flow between software packages, with no manual manipulation of files required.

ECIB is a unique bridge designed to deliver two prime objectives:

  • Logical Routing: To enable wire and cable routing within Creo Cabling™ from logical data generated in EPLAN Electric P8™.
  • Length Extraction: Individual wire and cable lengths can be extracted from the Creo Cabling™ 3D model and fed back into your EPLAN Electrical P8™ design.


ECIB achieves its two prime objectives without user intervention, meaning no more manual editing of code or data files or trial and error in the pursuit of getting two different CAD packages to communicate. Providing a reduced chance of error and a higher degree of integration, users don’t need to become experts in .XML and other data formats.

Adopt ECIB to increased platform design control and enjoy the resulting efficiency saving in your harness creation process.


Fully integrated with Creo Cabling logical data menus as a separate option to launch the user interface.

Automatically import or create spools from the syntax checked EPLAN Electric P8™ export file.

ECIB supports Multi-Wire/Multi-Pin and Multi-Wire/Single-Pin processes, as well as connectors, components and terminals modelled or as a parameter. Wires, Cables and Shielded Cables are all supported.

ECIB supports black boxes, devices, splices, accessories, interruption points. Connection definition points for wires, cables and shields are also supported.

The routed wire length in Creo Cabling™ is included in the export file for import into EPLAN Electric P8™. Additional spool attributes such as colour, thickness, bend radius and units can also be mapped.

On import, ECIB automatically designates matching named parts. Where the EPLAN device doesn’t match the Creo model name, a secondary parameter can be selected for matching. Where different entry port naming rules exist, ECIB allows manual matching to complete designation.


Prerequisites are EPLAN Electric P8™ and Creo Cabling™ licenses. ECIB is a separate license purchased direct from EPLAN. Please contact us for more information.

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