Harness Manufacturing Extension (HMX)

Virtual Interconnect’s HMX application is a ground breaking application that lets users create a wire harness manufacturing drawing in seconds. It is fully integrated into PTC’s Creo Parametric™ product and offers enhanced features, functions and customisation capability when compared to other products on the market. Virtual Interconnect are dedicated to constant improvement of the HMX product, and this can be seen in the upcoming Version 51.


HMX V51’s new 3D edit retentions capability offers significant time saving opportunities in the iterative design process. The HMX user can now predefine the HMX files names, visualise actual branch diameters in the drawing output graphical layout, and handle increasingly complex harnesses with multiple splices. Further improvements to the existing table customization functions have been implemented. Users can now, merge and divide cells allowing for multiple parameter reporting in the Wirelist and Cavity Tables. Bill of Material report capabilities are significantly enhanced, with the ability to add dividing sections to keep different item types grouped together.

HMX V51 Features

It is now possible to make changes to your 3D Harness design and retain any changes made to previous version of HMX 2D drawing.

Enhanced Splice handling has been introduced into HMX V51. These improvements touch on a number of aspects of splices including: improved processing time and error diagnosis, supported workflows for assemble and insert methodologies, increase processing of parallel and in line splices and splice tables can now be exluded from the HMX drawing output.

The user can now determine the naming convention used for the created drawing and associated files before the flattening has occurred. This will remove post processing rename activities, reduce editing time and enhance Windchill® compatibility.

Bundles and Cables can now be represented in the 2D drawing with “thick lines” which are proportional to the thickness of the diameter of the bundle and cables from the 3D model.

HMX tables customization has been taken to the next level with HMX V51. The user now has access to all parameters for their BOM tables, BOM ordering and sorting, access to model parameters and much more control over the structure of their Wirelists and Cavity tables.

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