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Every member of the VI team is a professionally qualified engineer or scientist. With a cross discipline team of electrical, mechanical, manufacturing and software engineers, physicists and mathematicians, we are uniquely positioned to solve your problems. We have the understanding of design and process to identify issues and the capability to design and optimise products, processes and workflows to meet your requirements.

PTC Gold Technology Partner

The company partnered with PTC Inc in 2005 as a Silver Software Partner, becoming a Gold Technology Partner in 2021. Our HMX product was launched by PTC in 2013, and they have endorsed our products: WNCBridge in 2021, eSimulate 2009

Founded in 2004, by Dr Brian Gilhooley and Mrs Sandra Fairweather, Virtual Interconnect Ltd have transitioned from a contract design to a product-based company, offering engineering tools and libraries to improve the wire harness design process. Virtual Interconnect Inc was founded in 2012 to service the US market as the trading arm of Virtual Interconnect.

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