SMARTPart Component Libraries

Designed to save you time and effort.

Why waste time creating off the shelf library parts when you can simply choose a library that meets your needs, download and get started.

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We have an extensive inventory of SMARTParts which are not fully listed. Please use the form to contact our librarian, and we’ll get back to you.

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Ready to use libraries for Creo Schematics™ and Cabling that are guaranteed to work together.

Reduce risk to your project or implementation by taking library development off the critical path.

Each 3D model is electrified and ready for use with the 2D symbol drawn to International standard, EN60617, or IEEE315 with the manufacturers data already associated.

Simply run the installer (admin privileges required), and start work straight away.

Standard products include; Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace & Military, E-Cabinet, ideal to get started designing quickly.

Metric units and grids; 5/2.5/1 mm or Inch units and grids; 0.5/0.25/0.125 in

Validated to work with with all Creo Schematics™ and Creo Parametric™ Versions from 3 forward.