Aerospace Military Library


Ready to use libraries for Creo Schematics™ and Cabling that are guaranteed to work together. The Aerospace Military library is an ideal starter library for companies who work in the aerospace and defence sector and want to use the PTC’s Creo Schematics™ and Cabling modules.


Reduce risk to your project or implementation by taking library development off the critical path. A typical SMARTPart takes an average of 6 hours to develop, check and validate. A library can have several hundred parts, taking months, sometimes years to develop and test. Not only will you free up library resources’ time, saving you money, a library purchase enables the engineering teams to consolidate new tool skills and start designing harness straight away. Let your teams use the software, learn the techniques and build requirements for new part additions to their starter library.


Each 3D model supports routing to every cavity in a multi-pin connector, and has a handy feature to enable single click assembly to mating parts. They are designed to be lightweight (<2Mb), visually and dimensionally accurate,  enabled for manual and logical routing (electrified) and ready for use with the 2D symbol drawn to International Standard, EN60617, or IEEE315 with the manufacturers data already associated.

Simply run the installer (admin privileges required), and start work straight away. The installation pack consists of the licence, packed Creo Schematics™ file containing the 2D symbol representations and manufacturer information and the 3D Creo Parametric™ models.

Specialist Vehicle library includes a selection parts modelled to the following Military Standards:

MIL-DTL-14308 (Subminature D-Types), MIL-DTL-38999 (Type 26 plugs, Type 20 receptacles)



Many other commonly used parts are contained in the Aerospace Military library, ideal to get started designing quickly.

All SMARTPart libraries are available in Inch or Metric units and are validated to work with all Creo® releases from 3 forward.

Metric units and grids; 5/2.5/1 mm or Inch units and grids; 0.25/0.125/0.0625 in


A one off purchase cost, set depending on the licence requirements; number of users and number of sites. Maintenance is optional, set at 20% of the purchase cost, and extends the 30 day standard warranty period to 1 year.


Do you need corporate part numbers added or other internal business information? No problem, we can even rename the 3D models to make searching your PLM system much easier for the end users. Start with an off the shelf Aerospace Military library, and let the experts do the work to tailor it to your needs.

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