The electrical simulator for Creo Schematics™; simulate and validate designs quickly and accurately, improve efficiency and quality, save time and money.

eSimulate, Virtual Interconnect’s electrical simulator for Creo Schematics™, gives electrical engineers a fast and accurate way to analyse electrical circuits. Perhaps you want to validate your design’s integrity, carry out Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) or diagnose errors. If so, eSimulate is for you, it is designed to allow engineers and designers to quickly and efficiently determine the optimum combination of components, terminals and wires, whatever they are designing. By providing useful information early in the design process and by minimising the need for expensive prototypes, eSimulate simplifies the design process and saves time and money.


eSimulate provides the electrical engineer with extremely valuable information, early in the design process.  Utilising this information, designs can be iterated and improved, easily checked and validated, without the need for expensive prototypes or costly delays waiting for manufacture.  eSimulate allows you to create a virtual prototype of your electrical wire harness and optimise its design and check for faults.


Invoked by the eSimulate icon from within the Creo Schematics™ tool bar. The eSimulate component library is automatically loaded and instanced from the eSimulate icon driven component menu.

The core simulation engine is based on Berkley SPICE3f5 re-compiled for C++ and validated for the Windows operating system.

Detects valid circuits within the sheet or design and simulates all voltages and currents in the detected circuits.

Overloaded wires are automatically detected and highlighted red for visual feedback, as are overvoltage components and connectors.

Automatically detects valid circuits prior to simulation and can run multiple simulations concurrently.


Available on a subscription basis and on flexible terms to reduce the entry level and spread the cost.


If eSimulate doesn’t quite meet your needs, talk to us about customisation to tailor your reports, DRCs and modelling to ensure it meets your requirements.

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