WNCBridge by Virtual Interconnect has been designed for the future of PTC’s Windchill® and Creo Schematics™ integration, allowing the user to have full design control from Creo Schematics™.

WNCBridge goes well beyond your basic workgroup manager application. It exposes the power of Windchill® for the Schematics environment. It offers an easy to use interface which is fully integrated with Creo Schematics™.


WNCBridge offers a number of key benefits to the user.

Compatible with all major Creo Schematics™ releases (from 7.0 onwards) and every long term supported Windchill® release from onwards. This ensures that your link between Creo Schematics™ and Windchill® is future proofed.

WNCBridge release schedule is flexible and unconstrained by PTC’s release schedule. This results in the end user accessing new features and functionality faster.

WNCBridge has the traditional features you would expect from a workgroup manager plus new features that enable tighter Windchill® integration.


The ability to generate a Bill of Materials in the Windchill® environment at Check In using existing WTParts or even creating new ones. WNCBridge BoM output can also be created as a CSV, HTML or XML versions which are uploaded as attachments. In addition, WNCBridge has a Design Rule Checker(DRC) for BOM creation, this lets the user know if their BOM will be successful before check in, enabling the user to complete any remedial work to rectify issues, avoiding unnecessary design iterations and rework. This DRC report can also be uploaded as an attachment at check in.

The ability to get Creo Schematics™ design sheet parameter information published to Windchill® attributes helps control the flow of information. Now you can have the value of a Windchill® attribute automatically updated to a design sheet parameter, and vice versa, to ensure your documentation is never out of sync.

WNCBridge comes with an Admin option which allows an administrator to control Event log management and cache management for organisational users.

WNCBridge has the ability to create PDF formatted viewables for full design or selected sheets. The PDF is associated as an attachment automatically at check in. It also has the ability to generate and associate HPGL, EDA format files and Creo Thumbnails automatically.


WNCBridge subscription licensing ensures your version is kept up-to date and provides ongoing product support as part of the subscription. WNCBridge is only available directly from Virtual interconnect. Subscription licences are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 year term floating. Initial installation support and training is offered as an option to get you up and running quickly and effectively.


Custom Design Rules can be added to the WNCBridge DRC functionality to ensure all designs that are checked in, meet your company standards.

Other customisations can be created to ensure that WNCBridge will meet with your process flows or other business needs.

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