Harness Manufacturing Extension (HMX) Bridge

HMXBridge builds on the success of Virtual Interconnect’s wire harness manufacturing product, HMX. This application allows drawings generated by HMX in Creo Parametric™ to be represented as a KabelBaumListe (KBL) output.

This software bridge ensures that key information produced by HMX is simply and efficiently transferred for easy communication to machinery or other CAD packages.

KBL is an international standard format for .XML, the file format for data transfer in wire and cable harnesses processes. KBL is predominately used in the automotive industry but has other applications in a variety of industries currently generating 3D cable harnesses and 2D drawings.


HMXBridge provides a simple way to transfer manufacturing drawings with all their rich data between Creo Parametric™ and other CAD products. Users do not need to become experts in KBL or XML to get the information they want fully displayed in the CAD package of their choice. The auto generation of KBL from the completed HMX drawing, results in a significant reduction in human error and processing time.


All functionality and configurations from HMX V50 RC12 and later releases are supported by HMXBridge.

Fully compatible with Creo Parametric™ and later releases.

Supported 2D edits in the HMX drawing can be reflected in the KBL output.

For inclusion in the KBL output, all connectors/components need to be designated. Attached/associated mechanical components included in the HMX output will be included.

In order for KBL to be produced, HMX must successfully produce a drawing.


Prerequisites are HMX Advanced and Creo Cabling™ licenses. HMXBridge is a separate license purchased direct from Virtual Interconnect Ltd. Please contact us for more information.

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