Library Management


To ensure organisational standardisation in electrical documentation, the Creo Schematics™ library is typically centralised to ensure users cannot edit approved and validated 2D symbol representations. Keeping your library updated and controlling new part requests to meet new project requirements can be a complex task.

Take the library management off the critical path, to ensure your user designs are generated on time, every time.

Virtual Librarian

If you provide us with new release requirements, we’ll deliver an updated library with validated CAD parts and XML compliance guaranteed. We can fully update your library repository directly or provide you with a release pack if you prefer.

Simply validate your user designs to the latest library release and the new information will be available. 

Library Creation

Releasing compliant library parts to support multiple projects/functions can often be a difficult and labour intensive task. We have the in-house skills to create both 3D CAD models and 2D symbol representations to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Part/symbol integration is fully validated before delivery so your designers can get productive straight away.

Ensure the common pitfalls of organisational failure are avoided; tool skills acquisition and the lack of an off the shelf library, by having Virtual Interconnect create the library for you.

Legacy Library Conversion

Migrating to Creo Schematics™ from a legacy software package can often introduce an unexpected drain on your organisation’s resources. If you have an existing library, let Virtual Interconnect fully convert, verify and integrate it back into your system with minimal disruption.

Our competitively priced library conversion service can be tailored to support your implementation plan, increase productivity and help get the most out of your new software investment.

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