Product Focused Training


Training for Creo Schematics™, cabling and piping engineers, created by our engineers who use the tools every day.

Our Product Focused Training courses will help you get the most out of PTC’s range of powerful design tools, in particular Creo Schematics™, Creo Parametric’s Cabling and Piping Extension, using your geometry, designs and workflows. As these modules are not just standard training courses, they focus on your needs and requirements and are designed to cover only what is important to you.  Training forms a key part of a successful implementation, trust your training to the subject matter experts.


Our courses are carefully tailored to your requirements, utilising your designs where possible to maximise relevance and minimise time to productivity.

Drawing from years of experience of using the tools to design real products, facing and overcoming real issues we’re engineers developing and delivering technical training. We are not trainers delivering courses with subject matter that they may not be familiar with. Our clients demand that we teach them our processes and share our expertise, guaranteeing our trainers are delivering courses with subject matter they are familiar with.

Our trainers’ knowledge was rated at 92% and helpfulness was rated at 87% when delivering HMX training as part of a global customer roll out.


We request a few examples of your current designs, which are reviewed to identify areas where improvements can be made. These topics form the custom training agenda, discussed and agreed with the customer.

Each day typically consists of 6 exercises, with topic reinforcement and a practical project at the end. We follow a Tell, Show, Do philosophy with the reliance on detailed picks and clicks reducing as the participants become familiar with the techniques.

We typically use quiz styled questionnaires, which are assessed for knowledge assimilation. Any knowledge gaps are identified and resolved post training completion.

Normal IPR resides with Virtual Interconnect unless you want to update and own your training material for future course delivery. Talk to us about IPR transfer and we’ll create the custom content and deliver train the trainer for you.

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